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The menopause is a personal experience that is different for everybody, and treatment should be tailored accordingly. Healthspan has a range of advice to support you at the different stages, as well as a wide range of menopause supplements to help manage the symptoms.

A natural plant oestrogen, Sage tablets are a popular supplement with women experiencing the changes that occur during the menopause.

An innovative combination of micronutrients and natural plant oestrogens to support women through the menopause. One tablet containing 12 vitamins and eight minerals that are specially selected to address the most common effects of the menopause, caused by hormonal changes and another blending natural plant oestrogens with flax, sage and soy extracts.

Intimate dryness is a common symptom of the menopause. Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil with vitamin A, nourishes the delicate membranes of your intimate areas.

Our Soy Isoflavones supplement contains compounds called isoflavones, which are natural phytoestrogens, similar in structure to the human hormone oestrogen.

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