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Good eye health is crucial to protect your sight and prevent common eye disorders. Healthspan's range of eye health supplements includes vitamin B2, lutein and the essential fatty acid DHA, while our articles will help you know how best to protect your eyes.

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< 1 > 11 Results

Eye health supplements

Lutein –  Lutein is a powerful carotenoid, and a popular eye supplement, found in high concentrations in the macula, the ‘seeing’ part of your eye.

Krill Oil –  Krill oil is thought to be more easily absorbed than standard fish oils, and many people take a krill oil supplement for their vision and eye health.*

Omega 3 –  Omega 3 supplements have a wide range of health benefits. The omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA play an important role in the healthy functioning of our eyes.*

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil –  Our Sea Buckthorn Oil supplement contains especially high levels of omega 7; it is also rich in omega 9 fatty acids and packed with powerful plant nutrients like carotenoids and tocopherols.

Beta Carotene –  Beta carotene supplements are popular with those wanting to maintain healthy eyes. Beta carotene is converted in our bodies into vitamin A,** which supports eye health.

*Taking 250mg of DHA a day contributes to eye health.
**Vitamin A contributes to the normal function of the immune system, to the maintenance of normal skin and to the maintenance of normal vision.