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Use of cookies by Healthspan

Essential Cookies
ASP.NET ASP.Net_SessionId Provides   the identifier to maintain the session state for the current web site   and for all territory URL’s below the main domain name. Session
App.Authentication Provides   the identifier used to maintain the user authentication state for the current   session and channel. Session
App.Session Provides   the identifier used to maintain the session state for the current session and   channel. Session
PayPal akavpau_ppsd These cookies are required by PayPal payment   provider. Session
ts Persistent 1095   days
ts_c Persistent 1095   days
Talkative Chat talketiveTrigger These   cookies allow us to operate our online Chat feature. Session
talkative_close_time Persistent 365   days
talkative_customer_journey_initial_time Persistent 1   hour
talkative_qos_bandwidth Session
Marketing Cookies
AffiliateCode Provides   the ability to store an affiliate code on an order if the user clicks on a   link that contains an affiliate code in the query string. Persistent 30   days
Facebook c_user This   cookie contains the user ID of the currently logged in user. It allows   audience building for paid activity to retarget/exclude. The lifetime of this   cookie is dependent on the status of the 'keep me logged in' checkbox. If the   'keep me logged in' checkbox is set, the cookie expires after 90 days of   inactivity. If the 'keep me logged in' checkbox is not set, the cookie is a   session cookie and will therefore be cleared when the browser exits. Persistent 90   days
datr The   purpose of this cookie is to identify the web browser being used to connect   to Facebook independent of the logged in user. This cookie plays a key role   in Facebook's security and site integrity features. Persistent 2   years
fr This   cookie contains encrypted Facebook ID and Browser ID data, which is used   purely for advertising purposes. Persistent 90   days
Feefo feefoUserId This   cookie is used for ROI (Return on Investment) tracking. Local   Storage
feefo.translations Static   text used on the widgets (translated into browser locale). Local   Storage
feefo.translationsUpdatedAt Meta   data about translations. Local   Storage
feefotest This   is added and immediately removed and is used to check if local storage is   writable. Local   Storage
feefo.snippets-flag. {uuid} This   cookie is used to repeat sentiment flagging. Local   Storage
helpful_uuid This   cookie allows you to rate a page as helpful. Persistent 10   years
Problem_uuid This   cookie allows you to rate a marking sentiment as not helpful. Persistent 10   years
feefo.example-retail-merchant.helpful_uuid Used   to stop user marking helpful twice. (Applies same for feedback and media). Local   Storage
Sentisum_session This   cookie allows widget interaction tracking. Persistent 15   days
__cfduid Added   by Cloudflare to every request. This cookie is "used to identify   individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on   a per-client basis". In other words, it allows for banning an abusive   bot behind a NAT (Network Address Translation), while still allowing another   client behind that same NAT to access our site (either based on a captcha   challenge, or traffic heuristics). Session
Summary of the above from   Feefo:
     Random ID based user identification for:
     · Traffic/widget interaction analysis
     · Support of widget voting/flagging capabilities
     · Platform security/resilience
     Non-user specific data to store content for the platform translation   engine.
Google Ads gcl_aw This   cookie is used for marketing, personalisation, and analytics purposes, and   will be stored when a user clicks an ad and will capture click ID   information. It will be used to attribute the conversion when the user   finally converts. The global site tag doesn't capture anything other than the   gcl id , when AdWords is configured through global site tag. Additional data   is collected for each product enabled through the global site tag (GA, AW   remarketing, DCLK). Persistent 90   days
Personalisation Cookies
ASP.NET App.Persistent Persistent   cookie used to maintain a basket between sessions belonging to the same   channel. This cookie is optional and will only be created if the remember   basket functionality is configured and enabled. Persistent 30   days
App.PersistentUser Provides   the ability to remember basic user information such as first name and last   name. This is an optional cookie and is only used if the Persistent User   feature is enabled. Persistent 30   days
App.RecentlyViewedProducts Provides the ability to remember recently   viewed products between sessions. This is an optional cookie and is only used   if the recent viewed products functionality is enabled. Persistent 30   days
Analytics Cookies
Universal Analytics (Google) Google   _ga These cookies are used to collect information   about how visitors use our website. We use the information to compile reports   and to help us improve the website. The cookies collect information in an   anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website and blog,   where visitors have come to the website from and the pages they visited. Session
Google _gali
Google _gat Read   Google's overview of privacy and safeguarding data Persistent 10 mins
Google _gid
Google _gat_Uaxx
_dc_gtm_UA-98469068-3 This   is a cookie used by Google Tag Manager to control the loading of a Google   Analytics script tag. Session
Google CM (Floodlight) DSID
These   cookies allow conversion counting to report on paid activity KPIs. It also   allows audience building for paid activity to retarget/exclude. Preferences   can be changed at Persistent 180   days