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Joint health: keep doing what you love

Don't wait for symptoms to appear. Think about your joint health now and you'll be able to maintain your flexibility and mobility, and keep doing the things you love for longer.

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"There are over 300 joints in the human skeleton, which allow us to do the things we love such as play sport and enjoy gardening and walks with the family, as well as provide the manual dexterity with which our hands are blessed. With age and wear and tear our joints can deteriorate, leading to immobility, stiffness and discomfort, which can seriously impact our quality of life. That's why looking after them throughout our lifetime is vital."

Dr Hilary Jones, GP and Medical Advisor to Healthspan

Flexibility and Mobility

It's easy to take flexibility and mobility for granted. We often only appreciate it when we pull a muscle or slip a disc in our back, develop arthritis in our knee or hip or tear joint cartilage. Suppleness and a full range of movement enables you to do the things you enjoy most, but joints can become stiff and painful as a result of injury, inflammation or illness. A healthy diet and weight, exercise and the right supplements can all help maintain your joints' integrity and function.

Flexibility and Mobility Support

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The main component in the herb turmeric, curcumin is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant, which in some medical studies has been shown to reduce discomfort in joints just as effectively as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs.

Flexibility and Mobility advice


Cartilage is the smooth but strong and flexible covering at the ends of bones, which enables them to glide effortlessly over one another affording painless, easy mobility. This important connective tissue can be damaged or eroded by age, injury, inflammation or illness. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way to protect cartilage, and a range of joint-friendly supplements can help nourish it and mitigate the effects of a lifetime's use.

Cartilage support

Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Perfect partners for cartilage

These two nutrients are important constituents of cartilage. Glucosamine is a building block for cartilage that helps to maintain its structure, and chondroitin is thought to block enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of cartilage, while absorbing fluid and increasing resistance to compression. Taken together they can support joint health and increase mobility.

Super Strength Marine Collagen: the glue that holds you together

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, and is found in bones, cartilage, skin, muscles and tendons. Unfortunately, the amount produced in the body declines with age, resulting in reduced elasticity and integrity of the skin, as well as a tendency to stiffness in the joints. Supplementing with type I and II marine collagen can be instrumental in offsetting the effects of time.

Cartilage advice

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