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Over 70's Health

Armed with the knowledge of how you can support your body as it ages, your health can remain spectacular past your 70s. Healthspan has a range of vitamins and supplements to support you as you get older.

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< 1 > 7 Results

Health concerns for over-70s

All-round health and wellbeing – Our Multivitality 70 Plus is a comprehensive multivitamin, tailored specifically for those who are over 70 and want to feel at their best.

Memory and brain health – Our Memo Plus supplement is a unique formulation of phospholipids, iodine and omega 3 fish oil that your brain will love!

Mobility – Healthspan’s Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus is a blend of joint and bone nutrients formulated to provide fast-acting support to the over-70s.

Eye health – Supporting our vision and eye health becomes a priority as we age. Healthspan's range of eye supplements includes Retinex, which contains a natural source of lutein, high levels of zeaxanthin and added vitamin B2, which contributes to normal vision.