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Ayurveda dosha symbols on background with Ayurvedic spices

Ayurveda dosha quiz: pitta, vata or kapha?

According to Ayurveda, each of us is a mix of three basic constitutional types, known as 'doshas', which affect your physical traits, personality and health.

Understanding your doshas will help you understand the diet and lifestyle you should follow to keep yourself in balance and healthy. Take this simple quiz to find out if your dosha is pitta, vata or kapha.

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Fiery pitta background
Mostly A – you are fiery PITTA! You are warm and articulate, but can be prone to irritability and stress if your routine is upset.
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Vata airy background
Mostly B – you are energetic VATA! You love change and excitement, but often eat and sleep erratically and can struggle to relax.
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Kapha water background
Mostly C – you are calm KAPHA! Kaphas are laid-back and tolerant, but have a tendency to gain weight and procrastinate.
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